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Elan Vital gallery has a decidedly different feel to it. Its well-lit interior resembles an artist’s museum where important paintings, both beautiful and large, are on display. Creativity, invention, and technology converge in Élan’s world and comprise his signature technique. He creates his own medium, namely paint, by taking a high-tech clear aerospace enamel and combining it with exotic materials collected from 50 countries. This cornucopia of pigments and finely ground materials are his secret ingredients.

At Elan Vital Galleries, the artwork consists of projects on canvas created with space age artistry. Elan begins with an aerospace enamel he found used on the U-2 spy plane, combined with wonderful, vibrant colors to create exotic patterns. The additional materials employed in this artwork are ground mica, metals and natural elements which import a beautiful shine and translucence to each piece with no two paintings alike. Various sizes and shapes are available to beautify any decor.

For information regarding acquisition and valuation of painting contact (808) 214-0901 or email: art@elanvitalgalleries.com

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Monumentals by Elan Vital
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18 x 36 by Elan Vital
18 X 36
18 x 45 by Elan Vital
18 X 45
18 x 54 by Elan Vital
18 X 54
54 x 81 by Elan Vital
54 X 81
45 x 72 by Elan Vital
45 X 72
Gorgeous Golds by Elan Vital
36 x 54 by Elan Vital
36 X 54
Red Hot by Elan Vital
Red Hot
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36 Round by Elan Vital
36 Round
32 x 48 by Elan Vital
32 X 48
31 Round by Elan Vital
31 Round
28 x 45 by Elan Vital
28 X 45
26 Round by Elan Vital
26 Round
Blue Beauties by Elan Vital
Blue Beauties
As marked
Navajo by Elan Vital
As marked
Fundango by Elan Vital
As marked
Nebula by Elan Vital
As marked
Abalonia by Elan Vital
As marked
Under The Sea by Elan Vital
Under The Sea
As marked