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The Medium of Élan Vital's Paintings

Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from the Abalonia Collection
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Maui Escape Collection
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Anasazi Chant Collection
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Blue Hawaii Collection
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Gift of the Magi Collection
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Regalessence Collection
The Medium of Élan Vital.
~by Marcia Godinez the Maui News

"The simplest way to describe Élan's paintings is to compare them to gemstones. Imagine looking deeply into the polished surface of a moss agate or an opal. Picture how these stones look with cells or rivers of hardened color suspended in a transparent mineral. Now imagine how that surface might look if it measured about 4x5 feet and you'll have a glimmer of what the artist is up to.

It seems that in his wanderings, and in his desire to create something that is truly 'beyond contemporary', as he calls it, Élan decided he needed to invent a new way of handling color. Traditional methods of mixing pigments and applying them with brushes failed to yield anything exciting. So the artist turned to engineering and technology. He found his materials in the aerospace industry, in the form of an aerospace enamel which allows pure pigments and minerals to be infused within a transparent medium.
Élan's exact recipe is, of course, a secret. But the substance he has fashioned allows him to mix his colors so they remain pure, untainted by other pigments in close proximity.

In working a new canvas, the pigment/medium mixture is poured across the surface while its consistency is similar to honey. The canvas is elevated or lowered, allowing the mixture to flow and create desired patterns with gravity.

As the substance begins to harden the surface appearance can be manipulated even further, cells can be pulled and elongated or compressed and flattened. Ridges and bubbles can be formed.

Infrared light is another element used to control the surface texture and the degree to which the image can be altered. At various intervals the surface of the paintings are polished to release their luster and beauty. The whole medium and concept of what this artist is doing is truly remarkable.

This is work that must be seen. I am not aware of anything similar that has been done or is being done. Élan may very well have stumbled upon something of major significance."