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Élan Vital FAQ

Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Maui Escape Collection
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Anasazi Chant Collection
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Dance of the Abalonia Collection
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital
Cathedral City Artist Elan Vital from Regalessence Collection

Why are Élan's colors comparable to gemstones?

Élan Vital applies the principals of gemstone formation to create his masterpieces. As with gemstones, you can see through the multiple layers, explore nooks and crannies of light and color that change as you move-dancing, sparkling, shimmering, and deep, Élan's paintings are all one-of-a-kind like gemstones, only on a grand scale.

What are the unique materials Élan uses in his paintings?

Élan uses finely ground pigments and minerals, such as bronze, brass, mica, nickel, and other exotic pigments that he has collected from round the world. He infuses the ground pigments and minerals into aerospace enamel, which is his medium. The enamel is crystal clear and allows light to travel through 30-75 layers; this is why Élan's work is so brilliant and luminous.

What is aerospace enamel?

Aerospace enamel is a high tech material used on the wings of high flying jets-it is extremely durable and resistant to ultra-violet light and extreme temperature changes. Élan's paintings will be around for a very long time. Used as a medium, the aerospace enamel allows for the perfect blending of pigments and multiple layers of translucence and refraction.

What other artists are working with this medium?

To date, we have not been able to find any other artist working with the aerospace enamel as a medium, nor has any artist been able to copy Élan's unique style of painting.

Does Élan know what the paintings will look like when he starts?

Élan has been working with the aerospace enamel, pigments, and minerals for many years now so he knows how the elements react to each other, but Élan meditates and prays before he begins to paint; he creates from his higher self, setting aside his personal self.

How many paintings has Élan created?

Since 1989, Élan has created more than 7,000 original paintings and to date 6,500 have been acquired by individuals from around the world.

Does Élan title his unique works?

Élan does not title his paintings because he does not want the viewer to be confined by his views of a painting but rather he wants the viewer to allow his/her imagination to be free to see and feel whatever comes naturally. Each and every painting can be hung in any direction because all Élan's works are in perfect balance and harmony in any position.

Does Élan Vital create any other art?

Élan is recognized for his bold and innovative contributions to the world of art and form. He is a versatile artist who explores new and greater peaks. Élan works with many different mediums: creating breathtaking sculptures of marble, metal, and wood, including his exciting 'Paintings in the Round'. He has blown glass vessels and eggs in Murano, Italy, with the Masters.

What is a 'Painting in the Round'?

A painting in the round is a sculpture and a painting. Élan Vital stretches a canvas 360° around a vase-like hand built wooden frame. Unlike anything available elsewhere these sculpture paintings bring life and enthusiasm to all that surrounds them. They are truly 3-dimensional paintings!

What are Élan Vital's plans for the future?

Élan's paintings continue to evolve; consistently exciting his patrons with unique artworks. He travels to exotic places around the world exploring new pigments and complex minerals, expanding the scope of his work-his discoveries are evident and intriguing-keep an eye on the "New Collections" as they become available on the website.

What is this I hear about a life sized whale that Élan Vital created?

Élan moved to Hawaii in 1988. His first major work in Maui was a 49-foot, 10-ton, life-size, humpback whale-the largest sculpture of its kind in Hawaii. Élan donated the whale to establish Maui's Ecology Park, where it is now on permanent display.

Why Should I purchase an original Élan Vital painting?

In the hopes that a little of Élan's vital life energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration will fill your daily life! In fact there are no reasons not to own an Élan Vital original painting!

What kind of appreciation can I expect for my painting?

Élan has been creating his signature paintings since 1989 - his works have appreciated by 400 percent in the past 10 years - this is unprecedented!

What is the best way to care for an Élan Vital original?

The aerospace enamel, which Élan uses as his medium, is incredibly durable so his paintings will last for at least a millennium-they do not need to be hidden from the sun or cold. One only needs to polish his/her Élan Vital original painting regularly-like one might polish a gemstone. This will keep the painting in pristine condition for vivid and bright viewing.

Where can I view Élan's paintings?

Élan's: Cathedral City Studio...68845 Perez Rd. Suite H27, Cathedral City CA. In Wailea, South Maui's, Sarentos on the Beach, A Five Star restaurant, exclusively features Élan's Art to adorn its walls. See the contact page for addresses and phone numbers.

Who owns Élan Vital works?

Many people around the world own Élan Vital's works. You can find them in the homes of other world class artists, royal families, singers, actors, politicians, bankers, and others. Élan's works are collected by individuals who are personally successful and highly intelligent. They know who they are and what they want. They collect art that is unique and original. Currently the number one selling artist of original paintings in the Hawaiian Islands, Élan has sold over 6,500 works. More than 70% of Élan's admirers have acquired two or more works of art for their homes or businesses.

Which painting is right for me?

Call Élan Vital Galleries now at 1 808 - 214 - 0901 and we will help you choose the perfect work for you. You cannot go wrong with any masterpiece by Élan Vital. Each work is spectacular!